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Here are some examples of the more than 2000 soccer forms that are in our database. The drills are divided into 7 categories: general — shooting — passing — conditioning — warm-ups — goalkeeper and U6, U7, U8, and U9. These soccer trainings are made with it software located on this website. As a member you are entitled to use the soccer software and you have access to tons of practice material.

When you click on a drawing opens a video of the drills.

Warmup 1

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Scoring 1

Scoring 2

Passing 1

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Condition 1

Condition 2

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General 1

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General 2

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u6 u7 u8 u9

Goalkeeper 1

Goalkeeper 2

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Soccer exercises for trainers typically encompass a range of activities aimed at improving players' physical fitness, technical skills, tactical understanding, and overall performance on the field. Here's an overview of different types of exercises commonly used by Soccer trainers:

1. Warm-Up Exercises:
- Dynamic stretches: Leg swings, arm circles, lunges, etc., to increase blood flow and flexibility.
- Jogging and light running: Gradually increasing intensity to raise heart rate and prepare muscles for more vigorous activity.
- Agility drills: Ladder drills, cone drills, and shuttle runs to improve coordination and quickness.

2. Technical Skills Exercises:
- Passing and receiving drills: Various passing combinations, including short passes, long balls, and one-touch passing.
- Dribbling exercises: Cone dribbling drills, dribbling through obstacles, and dribbling under pressure to improve ball control and close ball control skills.
- Shooting drills: Shooting from different angles, shooting on the move, and shooting under pressure to enhance accuracy and power.

3. Physical Fitness Exercises:
- Endurance training: Interval running, circuit training, and high-intensity interval training (HIIT) to improve cardiovascular fitness.
- Strength training: Bodyweight exercises, resistance band exercises, and weightlifting to build strength in key muscle groups used in Soccer.
- Speed and agility training: Sprints, agility ladder drills, and plyometric exercises to develop explosiveness and quickness on the field.

4. Tactical Exercises:
- Small-sided games: Small-sided matches (3v3, 4v4, etc.) focusing on specific tactical objectives such as maintaining possession, pressing, or counter-attacking.
- Position-specific drills: Drills designed to improve the tactical understanding and decision-making of players in specific positions (e.g., defenders, midfielders, forwards).
- Set-piece training: Practicing corner kicks, free kicks, and throw-ins to execute set plays effectively during matches.

5. Mental and Cognitive Exercises:
- Visualization and mental imagery: Guided imagery exercises to help players visualize successful performance and build confidence.
- Decision-making drills: Game-like scenarios where players must make quick decisions under pressure to improve cognitive skills and situational awareness.
- Team-building activities: Trust exercises, communication drills, and group challenges to foster camaraderie and teamwork among players.

It's essential for Soccer trainers to vary their exercises and drills to keep training sessions engaging and effective. Additionally, exercises should be tailored to the specific needs and abilities of individual players and the team as a whole. Regular assessment and feedback can help trainers adjust their training plans to address weaknesses and capitalize on strengths.

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